About Us

The story of Worthy is a personal one. In 2015, my father was diagnosed with cancer, and in 2018, his health started deteriorating rapidly. He was my pillar of strength, and as I saw him slipping, I somehow started losing myself along with him. But he reminded me never to forget who I was or my true worth. He told me that my insecurities weren’t good enough reason to hold me back from pursuing my dreams. And so Worthy was born in his honor.

We are an online fashion store dedicated to plus-sized women. We know that fashion can be transformational and doesn’t stop at size 12. The fashion world has long ignored plus-sized women, and many stores that do carry clothes for plus-sized women have very limited style options. We recognized the need and decided to help women who are looking for affordable yet stylish options to wear and accessorize. Our clothes are not just chic and classic, but we also pride ourselves on providing quality clothing at a price that is hard to compete against.

At Worthy, we know that well-fitting, stylish clothing can boost a woman’s confidence. We also understand first-hand the struggle of finding stylish, quality clothing that doesn’t break the bank. Worthy is here to take care of all of your fashion needs.